Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rush meets Bill

Brian Williams pointed this out on the Daily Nightly. It's a transcript from the Rush Limbaugh Show dated May 17, detailing what happened when Rush went to dinner at an upscale steak house in New York and bumped into former President Bill Clinton.

What happened is that the two were very cordial with each other and shared some pleasant conversation.

Shocked? So were some die hard ditto-heads, apparently. Here's a quote from near the end of the transcript that you probably never would have imagined coming from Limbaugh:
You people need to relax out there, some of you. Not all of you are uptight about this. Some of you need to just lighten up out there.


Aaron Hull said...

This is the same guy who at one time said all people who use illegal drugs should go to prison...and then it turns out he is a user of illegal drugs and cut a deal so he wouldn't go to prison. So the quote you mentioned dosen't surprise me at all.

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