Monday, May 28, 2007

My growing boy

So this is a first. Thomas is at a friend's house this afternoon and Nolan is staying home. Usually Thomas stays in the car while I'm walking Nolan into a friend's house, but today Nolan had to sit in the car. Wow! It's really hitting me lately how we're a family with 2 growing boys. The groceries just aren't lasting like they used to. No more diapers. And pretty soon we won't even have a car seat anymore. In September, Nolan will be in 2nd grade and Thomas will be pre-K 3 times a week. I'm sad in a way that the baby days are over. I wish we could add a girl to our clan. But I'm confident that our family is complete.

We've had less baseball games lately because of our community field day and this holiday weekend, but we've been filling in the time with practices and other stuff. Chris mentioned going to the USS Slater which we all enjoyed. We've been going to the YMCA a lot lately. Last week, Thomas and I went to see the Albany Symphony Orchestra give a Tiny Tots Concert with a friend. That was great and he was really overwhelmed by it. They introduced all the instruments and played classics that even Thomas recognized. We had Nolan's conference in school last week and he is doing just great. Other than needing to write more neatly, he's really excelling in math and reading. This week, we have 2 games and Thomas' end of the year show at preschool. Next weekend we are volunteering to help install the new playground at Nolan's school. And there is a picnic for his Cub Scout Pack in which we're in charge. So we are all getting sucked in to activities and having fun. Things are finishing up as June approaches and we are excited for the lazy days of summer-


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