Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hero notes

Here are some thoughts on last night's episode of "Heroes"...

Does anyone else find it odd that Sylar (played by actor Zachary Quinto) looks like an evil Clark Kent? Coincidence?

Meanwhile, I finally picked up on the significance of Eden's name. At first I thought her power was simply that she could do the Jedi mind trick ("These aren't the droids you're looking for"). But so far we've only seen her use her power on men. So she can get men to do whatever she tells them--just like Eve told Adam to take the apple in (all together now) the Garden of Eden.

If this was obvious to everyone else already, then please forgive me.


joevideo said...

wow. i didn't consider that. you're brilliant!

Anonymous said...

So, what exactly is Sylar's power(s)? It seems he absorbed the telekinesis power of that one guy.


Anonymous said...


Not sure if you read the on-line comics of Heroes or not. They had one a few weeks back on Eden and how she first used her powers on her step Mom, so I assume her powers work on Females as well.

Just my $.02

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