Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bank of America: The Musical

Oh my God. Do things like this actually happen where people work? I swear, this is like a scene right out of "The Office." This might as well be Michael and Dwight on stage (or David and Gareth if you prefer the British version).

This video appears to have been taken at some sort of Bank of America conference, where an emlpoyee gets up and sings about their merger with MBNA to the tune of U2's "One."


Aaron Hull said...

We know people that work for Bank of America at their Tax Processing unit in Menands. From what we have been told about this company, this video dosen't surprise me. This company, although obviously is strong financially, is run by a very very odd, cult-like management style. This video supports that assesment.

Anonymous said...

Bank of America world headquarters are here in town with 30,000 of their corporate-level employees. Half my family work there but I'm shocked to hear that BOA has this reputation as I've never heard it before. I do get the feeling that they are extreme in their devotion to core values and such but nothing unusually bizarre or cult-like for a Fortune 100 corporation.

That said, this particular video is 1) an awkward situation 2) embarrassing to watch 3) actually descent re-lyricing and singing for an novice. I doubt this was some random employee that they forced to sing - he probably sings as a hobby, pitched an idea to his bosses, and some executive made the bad decision act on it rather than keeping him at Karaoke. In The heavy-weight championship boxing match on HBO tonight, the challenger Calvin Brock was until just recently a Bank of America corporate employee. I'm pretty sure they didn't force him to fight.

Now the reason I'm writing anonymously (yes, it's me). I've actually been interviewing with them this week. They seem very nice, but I may soon become "one of them."

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