Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mmm...test footage

UPDATE #2: WooHoo! You can find one of the clips here!

UPDATE: D'oh! Fox ordered YouTube to take the clips down. Bummer. Trust me, it was good stuff.

The big San Diego Comic-Con was held last week. This is the major geek event of the year. Had I not been camping in the woods last week, I would have been posting about lots of things, like news about "Spider-Man 3" and "Star Trek."

Now there just seems to be too much to catch up on, but when time permits I'll get to a few items for the two or three of you who care, but haven't already read about them.

But these clips need to go on right away! These are animatics (early test animation) for the upcoming "Simpsons" movie. Enjoy!


PLANET3RRY said...

I clicky video and they say 'no longer available' - D'OH!

joevideo said...

roon, see if the clips saved to your hard drive as .flv files or something like that. maybe someone was able to preserve them before uncle ruprick's minions ruined our fun.

Mike said...

Exxxxxxcelent! That was a great sneak peek. Thanks for the post Chris. But as a big Simpsons fan I'm now worried about the movie. The entire town in a violent mob coming to kill a Simpson but we don't yet know what they did that was so horrible, which then leads to a backstory of what events led to this point. Hmmm. Sounds exacty like the same opening sequence from the episode when Bart cuts off the head of Jebediah Springfield. Even the joke about Grandpa being part of the angry mob was already done before in a previous episode. Although I admit Maggie vs. Teeny was funny.

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