Thursday, July 13, 2006

Baseball banter

Time for another rant against Fox and their coverage of Major League Baseball (all of the birthday business kept me from blogging about this yesterday).

While watching the All-Star Game Tuesday night, Fox played one of their “Sounds of the Game,” which I think was supposed to be Bronson Arroyo saying something to Brad Penny in the dugout. Maybe it’s just me, but it sounded like complete inaudible gibberish and a total waste of my time. Not to mention, you couldn’t tell exactly where the two talking players were in the shot shown on the screen. The whole thing made no sense!

At that point I decided to see how bad the delay was with the radio. Sure, the radio was a few seconds ahead of the TV, but not so much that I couldn’t enjoy the game this way. So with the exception of the tribute to Roberto Clemente, I watched the rest of the game on “mute” while listening to the coverage on ESPN Radio.

Why does Fox insist on tormenting baseball fans with all of their needless gimmicks?

I’ll step down from my soapbox now.


Annie said...

I'm a baseball fan and my family's HUGE on baseball too. In fact, my husband went through a farm system for a major league team, and my 11-year old son (who, by the way, has been playing baseball since he was 4 years old) plays on two team - travel ball team and Little League. We are in the middle of All-Stars right now.

I must say that it is "fun" and fun for the kids to hear the "talk" that goes on behind the scenes in the Major League Baseball games because it tells our youth that these stars and athletes are "regular" people like you and me. They put their shoes, socks, pants, and shirts on the same as anyone else does. It humbles them and the children that watch and idolize them. I grew up around baseball and to hear some of the talk that goes on in the dugouts or on the field is exciting and brings back childhood memories, because quite frankly, baseball is every child's dream to be out on the field playing the game they love and having fun.

Don't take away from other baseball fans what they enjoy. Like I tell my children, it's good to have your own opinions but sometimes you just need to learn when to voice them and when not to. My infamous quote to them is: "Your EWWW could be somebody else's YUM!"


Roon said...


Thanks for the comment.

I'm not opposed to Fox's "Sounds of the Game" if it lends something to the broadcast. In this case, I couldn't understand a word of what was being said. It seemed to me like the producers were throwing it in, not because it was valuable, but simply because they could.

Shannon said...

Fox sucks all the fun out of baseball. They just suck in general. Their opening montage of "shooting stars" was just plain silly.

I like the "sounds of the game" when you can understand what they are saying, so I can concur with you on that one.

And McCarver flat out blows. He should just shut the heck up!

But then I am watching the Sox on ESPN right now and the two commentators are putting me to sleep. Wow they drone on so monotone.....Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Aaron Hull said...

Is Annie for real or is she some intern quack from Fox Sports trying to get permanent?? Fox does suck, although Buck is growing on me. I agree with Roon...It's their antics. Just show the game...I don't want to here about other Fox shows...I don't want to here see a bigger then life size zit on someones face. Just show the game. As for scooter...I've come close to throwing bricks at that stupid anoying ball!!!!

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