Friday, February 10, 2006

Tedious in Torino

Is it just me or were these perhaps the lamest Olympic opening ceremonies we’ve seen in a long time?

The performance pieces didn’t grab me (gratnted I did miss a big chunk near the beginning—maybe that's when all the good stuff was).

Why did all of the nations march in to American pop music from the 70s and 80s?

What the hell was Susan Sarandon doing carrying the Olympic flag?

That Yoko Ono poem was just awful—isn’t time for her to go away? Peter Gabriel didn’t do much for me either. Is it just me or is “Imagine” a bit overrated (there, I said it—don’t hate me).

Even the lighting of the cauldron paled in comparison to some of the ones in recent memory.

It all made for pretty ho-hum viewing.

One highlight: the addition of Brian Williams in the broadcast booth with Bob Costas. I'll take him over Katie Couric any day. Brian brings some gravitas to the table. Katie's commentary always makes it feel too much like the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.


Aaron Hull said...

Imagine...overrated??? Cummon...It's a song/belief about peace...Saying imagine is overated is like saying most songs we sing in church about love and forgiveness are overated.

Brownsey Family said...

I think Aaron is full of extra emotion due to recent events in his life.

Aaron Hull said...

Hey Brownsey, you are correct, I do have some extra emotion this week. By the way, have you seen Spitzer poll numbers lately? I'm not sure who the republicans are going to get to beat him. Maybe they can try to get Grampa Munster...wait a minute, he passed away a few weeks ago.

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