Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympic oops

I don’t whether to feel bad for Stratton, Vt. native Lindsay Jacobellis or say “serves her right!”

In case you don’t want the details of today’s women’s snowboard cross event I’ve placed the rest of this post in inviso text (highlight to read)…

Lindsay was waaay out in front, cruising to a gold medal when she tired to grab her board on the second to last jump and wound up wiping out. She got back to her feet, but not before Tanja Frieden of Switzerland—who otherwise had no chance of winning the gold—cruised past her for the win. Jacobellis got the silver.

She claims she was not trying to show off, but others insist it was an unnecessary attempt at a hot dog maneuver that cost her.


Aaron Hull said...

I watched it...It will go down as the biggest blunders in olympic history. I guess she lost her head about the whole situation. I don't know what she was thinking...She obvious lost her concentration about what need to be done...maybe lack of full maturity or experience on the world stage. Like you, part of me feels bad for her, but part of me says...well, sorry, that's what and learn.

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