Friday, November 11, 2005

Sports Toys

Just in time for the holidays! ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning show gave this rundown today of new athlete dolls available at stores everywhere:

The Raphael Palmeiro doll >> Comes with ear plugs, three-piece suit for appearing before Congress and a year’s supply of B12 vitamins.

The Allen Iverson doll >> Comes with two full wardrobes – one made up of collared shirts and khakis and the other with throwback jerseys and bling!

The Brad Lidge doll >> Pull the string to hear the sound of a major league crack of the bat. Then watch Brad’s head spin 180 degrees to watch the home run he just gave up!

The A-Rod doll >> Pull the string to hear A-Rod say, “I’ll see your $500 and I’ll raise you $3,000.”

The TO doll >> Comes with camouflage pants, headphones and an incredibly large chip on its shoulder. Agent sold separately.

The Chad Pennington doll >> Guaranteed to last at least two weeks and comes with three backup quarterbacks!

Happy holiday shopping everyone!


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