Saturday, November 05, 2005


From the “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait Department,” Nolan scored not one, but two goals in soccer today.

>> See below for video of goal #1 (207KB).

This was the last game of the season. Nolan has wanted to score a goal since Game 1, but never did before today. He never once got discouraged. He just played harder and harder each week.

And today it paid off with two goals for his team. I lost track of the score, but I think his team won 6-3. No official score is kept, but most people – including the kids – keep track of the score anyway. It’s funny to see the kids congregate on the field after a goal and hold up their fingers as they try to count how many goals each side now has.

They were playing later into the year than usual because we got rained out for a couple of weeks. Initially I was not thrilled with the idea of playing soccer into November, thinking it would be too cold. But today was one of the nicest days of the season. With the temperature right around 70 degrees, most kids were able to play in shorts and T-shirts.

UPDATE (11/7): I got the video file down to a much more manageable size. However, that meant sacrificing some video quality. I'll see if I can find a happy medium later. In the meantime, it should be easier for those of you with slower connections to watch now.


Mary Ellen said...

Way to go Nolan!!! Another soccer player in the family...that's great! We enjoyed watching you score!

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