Sunday, November 20, 2005

The plot thickens

Did everyone see the article about the Porco e-mails in The Daily Gazette this morning?

For those out of the area, this is a year-old murder case that has riveted many in the Capital Region. On Nov. 15, 2004 someone entered the home of prominent law clerk Peter Porco and attacked him and his wife with an ax. He was killed and his wife was left for dead. She survived the savage beating, but was left disfigured and has no memory of the attack.

The investigation—which has been criticized by some, namely the defense—focused early on the couple’s youngest son. It took the Albany County District Attorney’s Office an entire year to get an indictment.

I’ve been giving 22-year-old Christopher Porco the benefit of the doubt up until now. His outspoken defense attorney has made a compelling argument that parts of the investigation have been botched, while the prosecution has shown very little of their hand.

I’m not saying I didn’t think he did it—just that there has been nothing to convince me he did.

But that may have changed now. A series of e-mails between the son and his parents, filed with the court as part of a prosecution motion, were published in the paper this morning. There have been rumors they argued over money and this seems to confirm it.

Some of the more damning messages:


Dad and I are very upset about you not communicating with us. We don’t know if you are well or mentally stable…




…I want you to know that [if] you abuse my credit again I will be forced to file forgery affidavits in order disclaim liability and that applies to the Citibank college loan…Also American Express keeps calling but won’t discuss anything with me so I presume you’re in trouble with them too. Things are obviously spinning out of control with you…


Basically, it seems the kid was forging his dad’s name on some loans. The article also says he failed out of University of Rochester at one point, went to HVCC and then got back into U of R after reapplying with his good HVCC grades. Except the paper says he failed all his HVCC classes and forged the transcript he used to reapply.

This will be an interesting trial…


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