Thursday, January 07, 2010

iPod inspection

Time for another iPod inspection. I’ve been listening to a steady diet of podcasts lately (I’m hooked on Current Geek). But when we shuffle the tunes, here’s what comes out…
  1. “The Scotsman” – Hair of the Dog
  2. “Up on the Roof” – James Taylor (Live)
  3. “One Year of Love” – Queen
  4. “In ‘N’ Out” – Van Halen
  5. “You May Be Right” – Billy Joel
  6. Hard to Handle” – The Commitments
  7. “Crash Course” – Crash Test Dummies
  8. “Oliver’s Army” – Elvis Costello
  9. “Bullet the Blue Sky” – U2
  10. “Lonely Ol’ Night” – John Mellencamp

What are you listening to these days?
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