Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We had a little bit of excitement on our street.

Kris had noticed that one of the large maple trees in front of our neighbors’ house across the street looked like it was starting to come up out of the ground.

For those keeping score, these are the same neighbors who had a limb from a different tree crush the roof of their car during the ice storm.

Anyway, Kris has been taking note of this tree for the last week or so. I never bothered to go over and take a closer look at it.

Finally, one of our neighbors came over to the house last night to tell us she was now aware of it and wanted to bring it our attention since the tree was angling across the street and toward our house (although I don’t think it would reach that far). She told us she had been calling the police and highway departments all day and was still awaiting a response.

Eventually she got one. Nolan and I went out to a Cub Scout meeting and came home to find police had blocked the road off. They allowed us through to our house. I talked to one of the officers, who told me that in fact the tree did look pretty dangerous and that the road would remain closed until this morning.

Sure enough, bright and early this morning a crew arrived and began taking down uprooting tree as well as the one that dropped the limb on their car in December. Subsequently, it is now a little brighter in our front yard.


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