Sunday, March 15, 2009

Derby Day

Another Pinewood Derby has come and gone.

I'm super proud of Nolan's performance this year. For starters, this was his most detailed design so far. Also, each year he does more and more of the work himself. He did a lot of the cutting and sanding on his own this year -- and I think it came out great.

The maximum weight for a Pinewood Derby car is 5 oz. With some tinkering -- and bit of luck -- we were abble to get it to be exactly 5 oz. That, combined with some other design tricks we had up our sleeve, had us hoping for a strong finish.

He won three of the six heats his car raced in. But in the end he placed eighth overall (out of 25 cars). He was hoping to be closer to the top, but still I was very impressed he made it into the top 10.

The scouts also get to vote on which cars they like in various categories. He had his heart set on winning the "Most Scout-Like" award. Unfortunately, he placed a close second in the voting.

So he was pretty disappointed in not coming home with a big trophy for speed or design. But Kris and I were still very proud. He seems to be over it today and is already talking about next year's race!


Anonymous said...

Nolan needs to make like Dale Jr. and fire his crew chief if he wants to make it to the top of the Pinewood Derby world! Put your apron back on and let your wife work with the tools Rooney!

ps You might want to think about replacing that pine wood with some maple or oak, it is more areodynamic and can displace the weight better. Then again, it might why they call it the PINEwood derby......hmmmm........

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