Friday, November 21, 2008

Talkin' turkey

By posting this video, it is not my intention to knock Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, although I'm sure some will take it that way. I just think it’s kind of funny – and would be no matter who was giving the interview.

Here’s the deal –the governor of Alaska gets to traditionally pardon a turkey each year before Thanksgiving just as the president famously does.

This year, after ceremoniously giving one bird a new lease on life at a turkey farm in her hometown of Wasilla, Palin proceeded to grant an interview to KTUU-TV.

However, as she was speaking a farm worker can clearly be seen slaughtering birds in the background. Turkeys can be seen twitching through their final moments as the governor talks about everything from the Alaskan state budget to her Thanksgiving plans with her family.

At least I think that’s what she was saying. After a while you stop listening to her just watch the farm guy in the background and wonder, “Doesn’t anybody realize what’s going on in this shot?”

Apparently someone did. KTUU says the photographer did alert the governor, but she didn’t really care. After all, she is a hunter.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Aaron Hull said...

That is Hysterical...If I didn't read your blog, I would have thought this was from Late Night TV and they inserted the background with digital magic.

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