Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's NOT beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Have you noticed anything odd while surfing through the radio tuner in your car? Two local stations – 98.3 WTRY-FM and 100.9 WKLI-FM – have already made the switch to all-Christmas music, all the time.

Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?

Look, I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but this is kind of ridiculous. We’re still raking leaves for crying out loud! Who wants to be listening to Christmas carols on Veterans Day?

I always feel kind of bad for poor old Thanksgiving. That’s a great holiday on its own. But it doesn’t stand on its own anymore. Now Thanksgiving is simply the kick-off to the Christmas season.

Or at least it was. The way things are going, soon Halloween will be considered the start of the holiday season (if it isn’t already).

The bottom line is, these radio stations and the stores that start putting up their holiday displays after Labor Day must be doing it because someone wants it. Everyone I know complains about seeing Christmas stuff too early, but if there wasn’t a demand for it then it wouldn’t be here.

So who are you people? I know you’re out there. Stand up and admit it!


Aaron Hull said...

We hear this argument every year…Think Economics!!! I hate to say it, but this economy is almost solely based now on people buying things, so I understand why there are hints of Christmas before Halloween. Companies need the season to be successful if they are to survive. Last night, Charlotte and I were at Colonie Center and the area where Santa was to sit was partially set-up. I explained to Charlotte that Santa will be here soon and this is where you can tell him what you want for Christmas (She wants anything Wall-E). She seamed to be getting excited. Santa will be there on Nov 22.

As for the music…I’ll admit, the Christmas music is on in our house. I use to think it was ridiculous to listen before Thanksgiving, but I love this part of year so it doesn’t bother me that it’s on. Time Warner Cable started playing Christmas Music on digital cable Ch. 1270 on 11/2/08 and I have 417 Christmas Songs on my I-Pod…It makes me happy. I try not to fight happy things.

Finally Thanksgiving…you mentioned that it doesn’t stand on its own anymore. Sure it does…people still care about Thanksgiving, but you don’t have to prepare much for it until the day before, so you really don’t here about it until that week of. There is not much to promote for Thanksgiving except the fact that Price Chopper has the lowest price/pound in the area. But people still care just as much about it as when we were kids.

It’s a great time of the year and if holiday cheer comes a little earlier and it makes people happy then what the heck.

One more things, Just be sure you say Merry Christmas to people and not Happy Holidays...."Happy Holliday" is just a terrible thing to say to people (according to to Bill O"riley and the religious right).

Roon said...

Did you just agree with the religious right?

Aaron Hull said...

From what I have read, Bill O’Riley and the religious right think that Christmas has been “stolen” by political correctness, in the fact that stores no longer have “Christmas Sales”, they now have “Holiday Sales”. Also, Schools don’t have Christmas Parties and people no longer say Merry Christmas, but instead say Happy Holidays for fear that people will get upset by a Christmas greeting. I totally disagree with Bill O’Riley and the religious right (I was being sarcastic above) for 4 reasons:

- There is nothing wrong with “Happy Holidays”. Bill O’Riley and the religious right need to take it as it is…a positive greeting. Positive greetings are a good thing.

- Stores have “Holiday sales” instead of “Christmas Sale” because “Holiday” applies to a larger audience. Christmas applies to Christians only.

- I never met anyone that was offended when I offered them a Merry Christmas greeting even if they were, say Jewish and didn’t celebrate Christmas. Most normal people take the greeting as is…a positive greeting and are happy that I even greeted them.

- School have gone from Christmas parties/assemblies to Holiday parties/assemblies for one simple reason…so all students (not just Christians) can feel involved.

Bill O’Riley and the religious right and their conspiracy theory that Christmas is being stolen is a bunch of hog-wash.

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