Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Support the 'Stache

I got a kick out of this logo and slogan on encouraging people to vote for Jason Giambi for the All-Star game.

A Long Island company passed out 20,000 fake mustaches to fans at the stadium today. Everyone in the crowd had them on -- including a few players in the dugout. Joe Giardi even had one on during his post-game interview on YES.

Who knew facial hair could be such a big deal?'s Page 2 declared Giambi's hairy upper lip the "most valuable mustache" and compiled a list memorable Yankee mustaches. And SportsCenter used it as inspiration to do an entire segment on great mustaches in sports history.

Boy, did they have this kind of hoopla for Rollie Fingers?


Aaron Hull said...

It's amazing...and I don't aim this at you particularly...But Yankee fans always made fun of Damon when he was a Red Sox and had the beard. One idiot at work even said it was "dirty looking". Now that a Yankee, who apologized for taking steroids (or did he?)now supports a Mustache, Yankee fans think it's cool.

Just go to show you that most Yankee Fans are annoying morons. Again, I don't aim this at you particularly; so don't take it too personally.

Roon said...

Somehow, I knew as I was posting this that it would bring a flame from Aaron.

I'm not a huge mustache advocate, but I'll point out that there's a difference between a simple stache and the Unforzen Caveman Lawyer look.

sionna said...

Alright...I feel compelled to join in on this one (puts on Aaron-Proof Teflon suit).

The Stache is stupid. It makes him look like a smarmy 70s porn start.

Damon's Jesus-Hair was stupid. It was gross looking to boot.

There. How's that?

Roon said...

Like Grant Show on "Swingtown?"

Aaron Hull said...

You two are really square... That's all there is to it. Square, square, square. Didn't Rooney "try" (and notice I said try) to grown facial hair a few years ago?

sionna said...

Uh, what? Aaron, have you been sniffing glue again?

Roon said...

Hey, I can't have you knocking me on my own blog. I'll have you know I was rockin' the goatee for a while there.

I grow one for a few weeks about once a year. I had a pretty good going earlier this year. I think Scott got to see me with it.

Aaron Hull said...

I had more facial hair in 9th grade. Peach fuzz my man, peach fuzz!!!

Roon said...

When did you even see me with a goatee?!?

That's it. I may have to grow another one just to spite you.

Aaron Hull said...

I saw it on your blog. I believe it caused me to chuckle. Don't pull a "Cliff Claven".

Roon said...

That was a picture from, like, Day 3.

I don't get the Cliff reference. Last I checked, he had a mustache.

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