Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bending the Joba Rules

I must admit I’m getting a little tired of the “Joba Chamberlain Experiment.”

Joba got his first start last night and lasted an unimpressive 2 1/3 innings. He threw only 62 pitches, but it was predetermined his limit on the night was going to be 65.

For his next start this weekend I think they’re going to let him throw a whopping 80 or so pitches.

Look, if Joba’s going to be a starter, then let him be a starter. A starting pitcher in the bigs should be expected to last at least six innings and throw about 100 pitches.

The last time I checked the Yankees were in fourth place in the AL East. This isn’t the time for “experiments.” They need to win games.

I understand they want to protect Joba’s arm and ramp him up to speed. But isn’t that what spring training is for? Isn’t that what the minors are for? Why is this guy starting games when we know he’s not going to last as long as a starter should and the team will wind up relying on the bullpen?

I suppose I kind of fall into the camp that wonders if Joba should have been left in the bullpen, where he’s been lights out. The one-two punch of Joba and Mariano Rivera has been formidable. And let’s face it, Mo isn’t getting any younger. Joba could be a great successor as closer.

Either way, I want Joba to be a success. Nolan has his rookie card, which we’re hoping will be worth something someday.


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