Friday, March 28, 2008

The truth is still out there

Of all of the movies on my 2008 want-to-see list (I'll have to publish that one of these days) the one I'm most hesitant about is the "X-Files 2" (the official title still hasn't been announced).

I was a big fan of the TV show (a replica of Mulder’s “I Want to Believe” poster hung my office for years), although in my opinion it jumped the shark in 1998 when the first movie came out. The last episode, which aired in May 2002, was a huge disappointment.

The word is that the new movie will have nothing to do with the TV show's convoluted alien conspiracy mythology, which the first movie focused on. Instead, it will be a stand alone story more in the vein of the show's "monster of the week" episodes.

I think that's great since those episodes provided some of the show's best stories, while the conspiracy storyline was so overplayed.

However, I'm very curious to see how they resolve that disappointing ending, which had Mulder and Scully going on the run as fugitives and left little room (so it seemed) for sequel -- at least, not one with Mulder and Scully working for the FBI.

Anyway, with all of this said, here is the cool teaser poster for the movie.


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