Friday, March 21, 2008

The train is leaving the station

As I've mentioned before, from time-to-time there is a call for more family stuff on the blog. Perhaps I've been slacking off a bit in that department.

So to help remedy the situation, Kris -- a.k.a. ADKmom -- took it upon herself today to start up a new blog titled "All Aboard the Rooney Train." We'll both contribute to that blog, which will be strictly just family stuff. It's mainly intended for ou of town loved ones, but you're all welcome to check it out.

I'll still post some family stuff here too. But if you want the full dose -- like the story behind the picture of the cool dudes seen here -- then check out the new blog. For convenience, I've added a feed for it right on here on this page.


Shannon said...

Kris's blog looks great...however, I was having trouble leaving comments.

Maybe it's just me. I'll try again.

Roon said...

Intersting. What kind of problem?

Roon said...

It was only accepting comments from registered users. You needed to have either a Google account or an OpenID account.

I changed it to accept comments from anyone. Go nuts!

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