Friday, October 05, 2007

First down

I took Nolan to see his first football game tonight at the high school. Colonie clobbered Niskayuna. It was 34-0 when we left in the third quarter.

But he still had a good time. It was all very exciting for him. And it helped that he bumped into a few classmates and that a local car dealership was handing out free mini footballs.

Also, Time Warner Cable was carrying the game live. So Kris got to see us on TV during one of the crowd shots.

I should also add that it was a little strange seeing all of the people wearing shorts and T-shirts to a nighttime football game in October. But I'm not complaining!


Shannon said...

The Nisky football team lost.

Nice to know that some things don't change. ;)

But what a nice father-son outing. That's cool.

Scoop said...

I thought the same thing about the weather when I went to my granddaughters soccer game.

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