Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

We managed to get some Independence Day activities in before the rain started today.

This morning we went to see the annual July 4th parade in Alplaus. That was a lot of fun -- I don't know why we've never done that before. This may be a new family tradition.

The boys and I also went for a bike ride this morning around the neighborhood and we had a cookout tonight at my mom's with my sister's family too. Although the "cookout" consisted of me grilling in the garage while everyone else stayed inside and out of the rain.

Hope you had a great Fourth. Here's some highlights from the parade...


Shannon said...

Sounds alot like our "cook out"...we all sat in the kitchen while Steve ran out in the rain to cook hamburgers.

Oh make lemonade out of lemons right?

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