Friday, March 16, 2007

If it's free it's for me

In my never ending quest for free stuff, I bring you these two items:

First—a reminder that once again Stewart’s will be giving away ice cream on St. Patrick’s Day. Show up wearing green and you’re entitled to a free ice cream.

This is assuming you’re willing to brave the snowstorm. If you’re like me and you’re anxious to celebrate spring, then take comfort—the vernal equinox arrives on March 21. And Dunkin’ Donuts will mark the occasion by giving out free iced coffee.


Aaron Hull said...

Bummer for gave it up for lent. I'll think of you at Stewart's

Roon said...

I gave up eating food at work (except for my own lunch). There's nothing stopping me from pigging out everywhere else!

(BTW -- I'm down to 167 lbs!)

Les said...

Thanks for the tips. Up here in the North Country all the ice cream places would open on April 1st, now they all have this kick about opening March 31st.

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