Monday, August 21, 2006

Boston Massacre 2006

Wow! Going into this series, I was just hoping the Yankees would take three out of the five games against the Red Sox. A sweep just seemed like too much to ask for. But the Yanks just finished winning five at Fenway. Unbelievable! The last ime that happened was 1943.

Not even the big bat of Big Papi could save the day!

You know this is a series that no one will forget for a while in New York or Boston. What a way to add to the rivalry!

This puts the Yankees 6 ½ games in front of the Red Sox in the AL East. The Sox now also find themselves 4 ½ back in the Wild Card race behind the White Sox and the Twins.

There is still a significant amount of baseball left to be played, including four more games between the Yanks and the Red Sox. Anything can happen. But the Red Sox sure have dug themselves into a hole. BWAHAHA!

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ALSO: Celizic: Yankees are best team in baseball now
Mike Celizic's commentary on this evening begins like this...
“We still have a chance.”

That's what Theo Epstein, architect of the Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series championship team, told reporters Sunday — one day before the Yankees completed a five-game sweep at Fenway Park and ballooned their lead in the American League East to 6 1/2 games.

It's probably the same thing Custer said at Little Big Horn.


Shannon said...

Thanks for the reminder.

-Your very disgruntled Red Sox fan friend

R.B. said...

Of course, tis the time for all Yankee fans, conspicuously silent for months....then, poof, out of the woodwork they all come......

John Klaisle said...

I don't think the Yankee fans have been silent, they just can't be heard over the Boston tears.

Aaron Hull said... is typical of Yankee Fans to disappear until they have a significant lead (standings or a game). Lets recap what happen in 2004... 3 Outs away from a sweep and the world series with King Mariano on the mound.

I will now say exactly what I told people after Game 4.... The Sox can still win.

A 5 game sweep means nothing. We are only 5.5 down with a month to go....plenty of time for the Sox to get back on their feet and for the Yankees to CHOKE.

John said...

CHOKE - that's a familiar term for a Red Sox - shall I say fan?

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