Friday, February 25, 2005

Classic! New and improved name for Fleet Center

Derek Jeter Center? Don't think so!
BOSTON (AP) - Could it be possible that a sports arena in downtown Boston, smack in the middle of Red Sox Nation, would be named after one of those hated New York Yankees?

Maybe for one day. Or maybe not.

The FleetCenter has been selling one-day naming rights for charity while it tries to line up a new long-term naming deal.

Kerry Konrad -- a New York attorney -- submitted the winning bid of more than 23-hundred dollars on eBay for next Tuesday's naming rights. And Konrad wants the arena to be known as Derek Jeter Center, in honor of the Yankees' captain and shortstop.

Not so fast, says FleetCenter spokesman Jim Delaney. He says he told Konrad that his naming request may not be accepted. Delaney says a decision may come by the end of the day.

Konrad is a Harvard grad with a 20-year rivalry with some of his old Boston classmates. He told FleetCenter officials that his request could have been much worse: For example, he could have chosen to name it "The A-Rod Center."

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