Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Calling in a ringer

Sox to issue 500 rings, wiping out previous mark

From Boston.com...

The Sox will issue 500 World Series rings to players, coaches, management, and myriad team employees, obliterating the record for the largest order ever received by Minneapolis-based ring maker Jostens Inc.

"That's so beyond the record it's unbelievable," said Al Nuness, vice president of sports sales for Jostens. "The most we've ever done for a championship ring in the past has been the Patriots when they first won their rings [in 2002]. That was about 225 rings. This is going to be a major celebration for the Red Sox."

Who are they giving all of these rings to? Are the hot dog vendors getting rings?

You know, I always said I would have no problem going to Fenway Park decked out in full Yankee gear, but now I don't now. I'm likely to get punched in the face by someone wearing one of those rings!


Shannon said...

Hey, when the bling bling hasn't been had for some 86 years, you have to expect that management may go a little nuts in handing out the just rewards. ;)

Since you brought up baseball...what up? You're not coming to A-Rod's defense either these days? It's gotten rediculous...everyone needs to just STFU!!


Roon said...

Oh, I'll totally come to A-Rod's defense. I just haven't gotten around to posting about it.

Are the Red Sox still in shock? Someone needs to remind them they won. They can stop whining now. Nixon and Millar are behaving like absolutely classless middle school kids.

Say what you will about A-Rod, be he's the won who came across classy when asked about the Red Sox comments when he arrived in Tampa.

I couldn't believe the Sox lost the Just Shut Up award on Mike & Mike in the Morning this week. They certainly got my vote. "Hey, Boston Red Sox...just shut up!"

Shannon said...

Hey I was kind of on your side!

I said "everyone should just stfu!" Shut the F Up, if I need to spell it out.

But the article was pretty dead on. Did you read it? Alot of it was media fueled...fishing for juicy responses on both sides and printing the one-liners. Even Trot backtracked afterwards. Totally blown out of whack and completely rediculous.

But can you really defend A-Rod saying that while other players are taking their kids to school on the off-season HE is working out and getting in shape? That was a cheap remark in my book, no matter who might have said it.

Roon said...

I think he used a poor choice of words. I don't think he meant to literally knock players for spending time with their families. I think he just meant that while some players relax during the off season, he continues to work hard.

Does that make him Superman? No. Does he deserve a medal? No. But I don't think the comment is any big deal worth anyone replying to.

And you'll notice his original quote wasn't directed toward anyone. The Red Sox were never mentioned.

For a World Championship team, some of them are awful defensive. They've made A-Rod out to be public enemy No. 1.

It's a new season. Everyone needs to lighten up.

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