Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For the love of the game

If there is a TV turned on the house, these days it seems Nolan will have tuned to the Little League World Series.

I think he really enjoys watching kids close to his age playing ball on TV. Right now I think he's predicting Texas will go all the way.

The fact that Little League World Series 2009 on Wii is one of his favorite video games probably doesn't hurt either.

I find I kind of enjoy watching it too. It's a nice change of pace -- no egos, no giant paychecks, no steroids. Just the game.  There's something pure about it that a baseball fan can't deny.

The other day I was watching a game during my lunch break. The young third baseman playing for Connecticut, I think, snagged a ball that was lined like a shot down the third base line.  It would have been an amazing grab for any major leaguer.  And as I watched the huge smile on the 12-year-old ballplayer's face, I couldn't help but smile myself.

It's a terrific reminder of everything that's great about America's pastime.
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