Wednesday, October 08, 2008

'Heroes': Burning questions

I’m still enjoying “Heroes,” but it’s clearly not the show it was in its first season. I fear the series, now in its third year, is growing too convoluted for its own good.

Here are a couple of observations I made after watching this week’s episode (you might want skip the rest of this post if you haven’t watched it yet – or check out the embedded copy below).

  • I don’t get how Peter’s power works – and I suspect the writers don’t either since his character is a frequent source of contradictions. If he absorbs the power of any super powered person he comes into contact with, then wouldn’t he already have Sylar’s power? In fact, wouldn’t he have had it for a while now?

  • While speaking of Peter, if he has Claire’s healing power, then how was Future Peter killed by a gunshot? We’ve seen Claire recover from worse. Likewise, why does Future Peter have that nasty scar on his face? Wouldn’t that have healed?

  • Sticking with the future storyline, Future Molly should have been about 13 or 14 years old. So how come she looked like she hadn't aged more? (I know the answer to this one. They weren’t jumping far enough into the future that they could get away with casting an older actress. But I think it was far enough that the little girl who plays Molly couldn’t pull off a believable teenager.)

  • What happened to “Save the Cheerleader, Save the World?” In season one, it was imperative they rescued Claire from the evil Sylar. This year Sylar gets a hold of her in the season opener and – nothing happens. What’s up with that?

  • I’m all for thinning out the cast, but wasn’t there a whole storyline with Nikki, Micah, his photographic memory cousin and Aunt Uhura that just got dropped?

  • I hope season three doesn’t end with Nathan apparently getting killed again. Twice was more than enough.

There are other nitpicks, but this is what comes to mind right now.


Sarah said...

What I've been telling myself to explain why Peter doesn't already have Sylar's power is that, because his power is to innately understand how things work, Sylar could somehow see how Peter's power-absorption works, and was thus able to somehow hide his power from Peter. (Not the most elegant explanation, but...)

On TWOP they're justifying dead Peter by pointing out that Claire stayed "dead" in season one after falling on the branch until someone removed it from her head, and then she recovered, so if the bullet stays in Peter's head, he stays dead. Makes sense, I guess, but it doesn't explain the scar. (Nice catch on that, btw.)

I find the whole vanishing of the Nikki/Micah/NOLA family story especially baffling because it's not like it thins out the characters much. Ali Larter is just back with a different collection of actors.

My biggest gripe, though, is that it has been so unrelentingly grim. I remember the first season, despite the impending explosion, having a lightness and humor that just hasn't been recaptured.And it's just less interesting if it's all gloom all the time.

Andrew said...

"Heroes" was full of fresh ideas in dealing with the concept of "Powers." They had to tread a thin line not to be associated/confused with "mutant" powers.

But now, I gotta say, some of the characters are realizing their powers aren't so cool (or useful), and Peter/Sylar are sucking up all the good ones.

I sure hope they don't add useless powers to the group, such as:
- Ability to conjugate verbs quickly
- Aversion to ice-cream brain freeze
- Ability to air dry after a shower
- Special "no bad hair day" power
- Aversion to static shock
- Odorless scent, even after the gym
- Special ability to decrypt what's really said over the drive-thru pickup speaker
- Ability to turn everything into fried chicken...

And so on.

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