Monday, September 24, 2007

Survivor: MLB

Who made the greatest post-season play in baseball history? The tribal council has spoken...


Mike said...

Pretty funny until the bad ending. "It was called a Babe Ruth! What ya think it was called!" Thanks.

Aaron Hull said...

Good stuff...But if I had to choose, it would be Gibson. In fact, I hate to brag...but I called that Homerun. I was watching the game with the Brownsey's. The whole family were diehard A's fans. Now, I'm not so sure they can name a player on the A's team...That's another story.

Anyway, Gibson stepped up to the plate and I told Noah and his Dad that Gibson was going to hit it out. They laughed and said something like: No way, not with Eck on the mound. Needless to say, I was thrown out of their house and the rest is history.

I still want to know why Noah always roots for the team of the decade. The A's were argubly the team of the 80's and then when they went into the dumper and the Yanks became hot in the 90's he started rooting for the Yanks. hmmmmmmm :-)

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