Friday, October 20, 2006

Not it!

I thought this was pretty outrageous when I first read about it earlier in the week. But at the time I thought it was limited to just one kooky school in Massachusetts.
Now it seems there are more schools banning "tag" and other playground games that include any sort of physical contact. Another school in the Bay State as well as schools in Wyoming and Washington are worried about lawsuits if a child is hurt in a contact game.
Never mind the jungle gyms, swing sets and slides.
If one of my kids was somehow hurt playing tag, suing the school would be the last thing I'd think of. When I was in the seventh grade I broke my arm playing football on a playground. No lawsuits were filed, nor were they even considered. Accidents happen.
Officials at one school say they've ordered kids to come up with other games to play.
"What we require is that children do not touch each other," said the principal at one of the schools.
Where do we draw the line? Is duck, duck, goose out? You know, someone could suffer a head injury!


Aaron Hull said...

Crazy, crazy, crazy...we need more judges to throw these stupid lawsuits out and laws that slap lawyers/clients for bringing these lawsuits to court.

I'm guessing the "no tag" decision was made by the person in charge of the school district's claim management or by the insurance company that insures the school.

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